ADF client-side architecture - Select All

A little while ago I got a very nice challenge: play around with the ADF client-side framework.

The customer had a table where users could multi-select via an extra column with checkboxes. Header of that column also contained a checkbox to select or deselect everything at once. For example:

It was implemented using autoSubmit and partialTriggers. Due [...]

ADF application not working on Linux

When you find your self staring at the code of a JDeveloper 11/ ADF application wondering why o why the application worked on Windows, but does not on Linux, think about case-sensitivity.

It might be common knowledge to most of us that Linux is case-sensitive and Windows is not, but actively remembering this while developing [...]

normal class names

A very nice parameter to put in the web.xml of your ADF (trinidad) application when using custom style sheets:

<description>Compression for CSS Class Names</description>

If you don’t put this parameter at ‘true’ ADf will turn your clear style sheet elements into [...]