refreshing caller window

Probably not shocking to experienced Apex developers but this is a nice piece of code to discover:


in the On Load of a pop-up page will refresh the window that opened the pop-up.

Take a good look at the branches of the window that called the pop-up though to make sure the submit does what you [...]

PPR in Apex using javascript

Thanks to a colleague, a very interesting article on Partial Page Rendering using javascript at

ApEx function wwv_flow.accept giving a 'page not found'

One of the applications I’ve build had the weirdest bug:
when navigating through the application the wwv_flow.accept sometimes gave a ‘page not found’ error.
I also had the error while developing the application navigating through apex itself.

The apache log showed:
mod_plsql: /pls/toolsdb/wwv_flow.accept HTTP-404 ORA-06550: line 22, column 3:\nPLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to ‘ACCEPT’\nORA-06550: [...]

Change the field instead of the label when validation fails

Step 1. Adding javascript in the header of the page template

Change the highlighted line to whatever you want to do with the field on error and place this code in the header area of the page template(s) (either directly in the header or via an external file):

var errorItems=new Array();
var emptyArray=new Array();
var indexErrorItems=0;

function processErrorItems(){
if(indexErrorItems [...]

Tweaking ApexLib_tabForm for regions wíth a condition

At the moment the package ApexLib_tabform (v2.0.3) skips regions with a condition other then the ‘item is null’ and ‘item is not null’ conditions . This means that the package can’t be used to process a report per record if you have a condition set on the report.

A little tweaking (until it’s in a [...]

Stop apex from processing a page

One in the category ‘too simple, iffff you know the solution’.

I’d made an apex application with an ‘before header’ application process that checked some stuff per page. I programmed my checks and on trouble made a call to owa_util.redirect to redirect to the homepage.

I called a page which had to redirect and strangly the redirect [...]

AJAX - depending selectlists

Step 1. Create an application item

Navigate to shared components > application items > create > and fill in the next fields:

Step 2. Create an application process

Navigate to shared components > application processes > create > and fill in the next fields:
process point “on demand: run this application process when requested by a [...]