UTL_HTTP giving a nasty ORA-24247: network access denied

I got a question today from a colleague.

He had the following code:

l_response varchar2(4000);
l_response := UTL_HTTP.REQUEST(‘http://www.google.com’);

Executing this worked fine but incorporating it in a package function gave back an ORA-24247: network access denied by access control list (ACL).

I didn’t hear about ACLs before but listen to the [...]

Tweaking ApexLib_tabForm for regions wíth a condition

At the moment the package ApexLib_tabform (v2.0.3) skips regions with a condition other then the ‘item is null’ and ‘item is not null’ conditions . This means that the package can’t be used to process a report per record if you have a condition set on the report.

A little tweaking (until it’s in a [...]

Stop apex from processing a page

One in the category ‘too simple, iffff you know the solution’.

I’d made an apex application with an ‘before header’ application process that checked some stuff per page. I programmed my checks and on trouble made a call to owa_util.redirect to redirect to the homepage.

I called a page which had to redirect and strangly the redirect [...]