sql*plus without tnsnames

just enter the following:

sqlplus username/password@//hostname:1521/sidname

(It can be placed in field “User Name” if working with the SQL*plus interface.)

invalid password in a combination of oracle 10g and 11g products

When it is the second time you have a “HUH am I crazy or what?” moment when dealing with an environment with a oracle 10g product talking to an 11g product, and you’re really glad you finally remember the reason of the first ‘HUH’ time, it’s time to write it down.

In the latest situation we [...]

force ddl procedure to execute as calling user

Say you have a user DBAUSER with DBA rights. As DBAUSER you need to create a trigger in a different schema.
As DBAUSER you simply enter

CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER otherschema.my_trigger ..

without any problems.
You need to create the same trigger in a couple of different schema’s though so you decide to make a procedure to make the [...]